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For the past 20 years INTEG has built a reputation as a provider of practical hands-on Non-destructive Testing Education (NDE/ NDT) to the Canadian industry. As part of the CWB Group, a not-for-profit company committed to the maintenance of safety and quality standards across Canada, INTEG is unique within the NDT industry as a practical standards based training organization. With a focus on preparing NDT professional for the real world, INTEG delivers graduates that understand what needs to be done and can get to work immediately insuring Canadian manufactured products are safe and build to the highest standards. As a non-profit training organization we put the quality of our courses and the success of our students front and center. Our success is your success. In a competitive market, finding and training your NDT personal should be a key part of your business – INTEG is here to help.

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INTEG Private Courses - "Pract-ability" in action

Time is a luxury. At INTEG we understand that sending your NDT staff to a remote location for classroom training has an impact on your prudctivity and bottom line. INTEG NDT Custom Courses are designed to bring the training to your staff. Our classes happen at your location using real world test specimens and scenarios taken directly from your own shop floor. This allows your staff to apply what they have learned immediately; the operation of required testing equipment, calibration requirements, specific process controls as well as interpretation of all test results.  Learning in the real world - it's what sets INTEG apart. We call it the "Pract-ability" advantage, most know it simply as good business.

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New Integ Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing Course(March 2012)